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About Christian Science

Christian Science is the spiritually scientific explanation of how life and the universe operate. It’s much more than an organized religion or a church.

Mary Baker Eddy, an American woman from New Hampshire, discovered Christian Science in 1866. She published her discovery in a book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, where she describes Christ Jesus as “...the most scientific man who ever trod the globe” (p. 313). Christian Science outlines and explains the principles by which Jesus taught and healed. 

Science and Health contains the complete teachings of Christian Science. It reveals Jesus’ teachings and his healing ministry as evidence of scientific, understandable, divine principles of living. It bridges the gap between miracle and reason, and shows how the power of God is available today as Jesus proved it to be in his day.

Eddy established a church to promote and foster the study of Christian Science, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MassachusettsWhile local Christian Science congregations exist in most cities, church involvement is not a requirement for healing. Many people have found healing by reading Science and Health and/or working with a Christian Science practitioner.

Who’s it for?

Anyone can practice the healing principles of Christian Science, regardless of religious affiliation. If you’re convinced that the laws of life are good, are knowable, and are rational and scientific, this book agrees with you. Science and Health is available to read and listen online, and you may purchase it here.